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Welcome to Invention / Animation Camp

This week ideas will become reality. Students will brainstorm, create, build and animate.

In Invention Camp students will have the opportunity to play with gears and motors, as well as construct and build. They will learn about many different inventors and inventions to help them design their own.

In Animation Camp they will discover the roots of animation and be introduced to four different programs, Flip Boom Cartoon, Animationish, Flux Time Studio and Pixton Comics. Flux Time Studio and Pixton Comics are both online interfaces. The students will be working with a Wacom Bamboo Digital Slate to draw their animations.

Please remember that on Thursday, July 4, 2013 the school is closed for the holiday. On Friday, July 5, 2013, is our traditional Splash Day starting at 1:30pm – 2:30pm. Please wear your bathing suit under your clothes and bring a towel and sun screen.

See you at camp!

Ms. Sylvia
Mr. Richard
Ms. Susan
Ms. Rasha


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