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Thursday’s Game Rescheduled

Subject: This Thursday Game rescheduled to next Tuesday


Dear Parents,

Due to our 5th graders going to Typhoon Lagoon for their Safety Patrol Appreciation Trip, our Thursday game against Oak Hall will be held at 4:30 on next Tuesday.  Same field as always.  i will bring water and tent.  Will someone please bring a snack?  I’ll bring snack this Saturday when we re-match the Rock at 8:45am. 

We are planning our end of the season party for this Saturday afternoon to be held at the Gillis’ house.  They have a pool, so bring suits, towels, etc.  It will be a combined party with the 2-3 team.  Details to follow in another email.

If your child needs transportation to the game Tuesday, please contact me.

Looking forward to our match up Saturday!!

Coach Deeta

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