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The Return to Bedrock Pre/K Camp

Dear Parents,

The Return to Bedrock!

The study of Dinosaurs is always one of the most favored themes in our classroom; the children are fascinated to learn about them.  As we talked about what the dinosaurs might have looked like and what our world was like when they roamed the earth, you can see the look of wonderment on their faces!  Precious!

We had a special event this week: Sigrid Noah brought in 24 Monarch chrysalises on Monday!  The children were so excited to see the butterflies emerge out from the chrysalises; right before their eyes today (Thursday).  All through the day the children watched more and more butterflies appear; they are beautiful!  Thank you for providing us with this wonderful experience!

We began the week by looking at a timeline of the dinosaurs.  The children learned many facts: the names of the dinosaurs; whether they were plant-eaters (herbivores) or meat-eaters (carnivores); their size and their weight; and whether they were armored, plated, horned, long-necked or duckbilled.

The children’s favorite dinosaurs were the Tyrannosaurus Rex, Triceratops (they learned that “tri” means three), Duck-billed and the Pterosaurs.  We also read many nonfiction as well as fiction book about dinosaurs.  We ended our week talking about the different theories of what happened to the dinosaurs.

Here are some additional activities we enjoyed this week of Summer Camp:

  • Creating pictures using dinosaur stencils
  • Dinosaur rubbing plates
  • Dinosaur push-pinning
  • Marble rolling (painting) with push-pinned dinosaurs
  • Dinosaur Dot-to-Dot (with numbers)
  • Dinosaur Bingo
  • Tracing their silhouette into a dinosaur
  • Creating pictures using foam dinosaur shapes

Next week we will be exploring the world of “Amazing Creatures“.  We are looking forward to several guests who will be coming to the school:

  • Monday, July 1st Chappie’s Bees will be talking to the children about bees, how honey is made and what it is like to be a beekeeper
  • Tuesday, July 2nd – the U of F Department of Entomology & Nematology will be visiting and bringing some interesting “creatures” for the children to see
  • Tuesday, July 2nd (in the afternoon) – Mr. Tim McCarthy, from Nature Art in High Springs who visited us last week will be making a return visit to inspire the children to create a watercolor painting of an amazing creature to be transferred on to a t-shirt if you would like (see additional information attached).
  • Wednesday, July 3rd – the Santa Fe Zoo will visit
  • Friday, July 5thSplash Day!
  • Please remember there will be no Summer Camp on Thursday as our school is closed in observance of Independence Day. 


Have a wonderful weekend!


Ms. Elizabeth and Ms. Jessica

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