I was concerned with the negative reviews

Although I was concerned with the negative reviews I read on some of the “school review websites” out there,  I have enrolled my two sons at Millhopper Montessori. After two tours and several interviews with other Millhopper Montessori parents, I am certain that I have made right choice. As an educator myself, I am impressed with the format and rigor of the curriculum. The teacher appear to be committed to providing relevant and engaging information to their students. The facility is bright and clean. The staff are friendly and inviting. I am excited about my decision to enroll my sons, and look forward to what Millhopper Montessori will bring to my children’s education.

Thank you,

Adrienne Provost

Adrienne Provost

We are delighted being part of the “MMS family”

Our daughter, Ashlyn, has attended Millhopper Montessori since the age of two (2), starting at “The Little House”, advancing through preschool/kindergarten, elementary school and, starting next year, middle school. We are delighted being part of the “MMS family”, and have never considered changing schools; our only consideration is finding a high school like MMS, to continue the positive academic and social experience.

MMS offers a broad curriculum, resulting in a well balanced education. The academic program is demanding, yet developmentally responsive and within the grasp of each student. The teachers are dedicated, well-trained and strong role models for the children. Ashlyn has developed a close, personal bond with several of them. The environment at the school creates a strong sense of belonging, and activities inside and outside of the classroom are designed to maximize the potential of each child. MMS offers an array of extracurricular activities, from sports to drama, chess (and even cooking). Most of the children enjoy staying at school “after the bell” to play in the school yard, as part of after-care.

There is no better proof that the school is succeeding in its mission than to watch one’s child develop a sense of responsibility, independence, social artistry and academic success. The children who graduate from MMS flourish in high school and college, a detail which is a surprise to no one. I wholeheartedly recommend Millhopper Montessori to any parent considering a school for their child.

MMS Staff are Amazing

Our daughter attended MMS as a preschooler and then again from 2nd – 8th grade. The faculty and staff are amazing and the support she received was outstanding. Upon leaving MMS, she was accepted into Eastside High School’s IB program where she excelled. Couldn’t recommend this program highly enough!


Gainesville, FL

MMS Lifer!

My daughter, Laura, started at MMS when she was two and she enjoyed an amazing education and made close friends in the 12 years that she was there. She was accepted into Eastside High School’s IB program and transitioned very smoothly into it. MMS prepared her VERY well. :-)


Gainesville, FL