Welcome to Technology 2013 – 2014

My name is Sylvia Aslanian and I am part of the Technology Team. I hold a Certificate in Multimedia/Visual Communications from the University of Phoenix and I am currently working on a BS in Information Technology/Multimedia and Visual Communication.

The Lower Elementary Technology curriculum is based on International Technology Education Standards, incorporating projects and lessons from their Science, Math, Literature, Geography and History curriculums. Students have technology instruction once a week for an hour. The class is split in two groups for more one on one teaching. Classes begin with a thirty minute group style instruction, before the skills are applied individually on the laptops. As they progress more individual work time is given on the laptops. All of the lessons are located on the website: www.millhopertech.com. I encourage the students to practice skills at home to be more successful in class, and to check Jupitergrades weekly for lessons and assignments.

The Millhopper Montessori School Responsible Use Policy must be signed by parents and students before a student is able to use the computers. Students will receive a log in name and password to log into the computers.

Lower Elementary Technology Scope
First, Second and Third graders receive technology education once a week for 60 minutes. Grade level appropriate assignments aligned with the Montessori curriculum and National standards in basic computer competencies are emphasized. Students begin to learn Microsoft Word in first grade and Power Point in second grade. Digital Citizenship is emphasized throughout the year and formal lessons are given twice a year. Typing Pal, an online typing program is started in the second grade, this enables students to log in and practice keyboarding at home. Studyladder enables the students to log in at home and enhance Math, Geography, Science, Reading, Spelling and History skills. In second grade Spelling City is used to help students prepare for their Spelling tests. Lessons are posted in Jupitergrades and in the first quarter students are introduced to Basics, Mouse Skills, Millhoppertech, Internet Safety and Etiquette. Four to five lessons are introduced starting in the second quarter depending on the need of the student. Students are given ten weeks to understand the lessons and finish the work assigned. All assignments are due within each ten week grade period.

Absences: If a student is out on the day something is due or a lesson is taught, the student is responsible for making up the assignment. It is the student’s responsibility to find out what was missed. All lessons and assignments are posted on Jupitergrades.

Late Assignments: Each grading period is ten weeks. Students in Lower Elementary Technology are able to turn in a missed assignment or lesson before the end of the ten week period to receive credit for the assignment. If the assignment is not turned in by the end of the grading period, the student will receive a zero for the assignment.

Grading:   E(Excellent), S+ (Above Average) S (Satisfactory), S- (Needs Improvement), U (Unsatisfactory)

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