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Fall Semester
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Mrs. Joanne McFarland

Senior Elementary Team Teacher

Mrs. Rhea Bush

Reading Assistant

Classes Begin September 2, 2014

Payment Options $300.00 for Fall Semester (Sept-Dec). Includes supply fee.

Contact Information Ms. Joanne McFarland - Ms. Rhea Bush -

Ms. Joanne and Ms. Rhea will offer a beginning knitting and cross stitch studio. The students will learn the basics of both knitting and cross stitch using simple patterns. Each student will complete 1-2 projects each of both cross stitch and knitting of varying levels of novice ability. If time permits, students may also have a chance to explore other fiber and needle arts such as spinning and crochet.

Eight students are needed for the class to occur.


Costs are the same amount each month regardless of how many weeks are in a month.
The $5.50 to MMS per hour  for After School Program charges in addition to the studio price.
Students will not be able to participate in any after school studio if any tuition payment is past due.
Cross Stitch/Knitting will not take place on Teacher Work Afternoons.

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