Spring Semester
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Ms. Crystal Sorrow

Early Childhood/Beginner’s Class Lead Teacher & Safety Patrol Supervisor

Classes Begin January 16, 2016

Payment Options $450.00 for Spring Semester (January - April). Includes all ingredients and equipment

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This class will strive to teach a love of the process of cooking. Children will participate in every aspect of creating an edible recipe during each class. Children will measure, count, pour, mix, identify ingredients, and discuss the final product. This class will employ the Montessori techniques of a truly sensorial experience. Students will be introduced to new foods, will learn
ingredient names, and will work with a variety of kitchen implements. Some heat cooking will be used, but many recipes will focus on the preparation and will not require heat. This class will be an excellent hands-on experience and will promote self-confidence. Children will be able to eat or bring home their prepared food at the end of each class.

Please send in a container with your child each week for leftovers.

Class Updates:

Jan 20-cheesy ham pasta

January 27th-warm pineapple

Feb 3–guacamole

Return the application by Friday, January 8th. Five students are needed for the class to occur.

Contact Information: E-mail is the easiest way to communicate with me and for me to communicate with you. My email address is
Children must be 3 years of age AND potty-trained to attend this after school studio.

*If your child’s food allergies are severe or numerous please speak to Ms. Crystal directly before register-ing your child in cooking class. Please remember that we are cooking each week with a number of children and it may not be possible to accommodate all allergies or food considerations.

– Costs are the same amount each month regardless of how many weeks are in a month
– The After School Program fee of $5.50 per hour will be charged in addition to the Studio fee
– Students will not be able to participate in any after school studios if any tuition payment is past due