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Mrs. Elizabeth Falls

Afternoon Academics

Monday - Friday | 3:30 - 4:15 & 4:30 - 5:15

Ages: Three and a half to five

Full School Year

Ms. Elizabeth will be teaching private lessons from 3:30 – 5:15 p.m. each afternoon. Lessons will focus on math and language (pre-reading, reading and handwriting).

Lessons are filled on a first come first serve ba-sis and will be offered every afternoon in 45 minute increments. In order to keep the lessons individualized, please note there is a two student maximum per session.

Mrs. Crystal Sorrow

Beginning Cooking

Wednesday | 3:35-4:20

Ages: Three and a half to six

Fall Semester

This class will strive to teach a love of the process of cooking. Children will participate in every aspect of creating an edible recipe during each class. Children will measure, count, pour, mix, identify ingredients, and discuss the final product. This class will employ the Montessori techniques of a truly sensorial experience. Students will be introduced to new foods, will learn ingredient names, and will work with a variety of kitchen implements. Some heat cooking will be used, but many recipes will focus on the preparation and will not require heat. This class will be an excellent hands-on experience and will promote self-confidence. Children will be able to eat or bring home their prepared food at the end of each class. Please send in a container with your child each week for leftovers.

Beginning Sewing
Mrs. Christina Wegner

Beginning Sewing

Tuesday | 3:30 - 4:30

Ages: Four to six

Fall Semester

Ms. Christina Wegner will offer a Beginning Sewing Studio on Tuesday afternoons from 3:30-4:30 in Ms. Martha Dolan’s classroom.
This class will serve as a fun, creative out-let as children learn beginning hand stitch-ing techniques as they complete several different projects. Children will also learn how to sew buttons, weaving, sewing on plastic canvas and more!

*Acceptance into studio is at the teacher’s discretion. Space is limited.

Mr. Richard Aslanian


Tuesday | 3:30 - 4:30

Ages: Six to fourteen

Full School Year

All students in 1st to 8th grades are welcome to join. The requirements are a commitment to attending chess club, and a basic knowledge of the game. Students need to know the names of all pieces and how they move, how to set up a chessboard, and the concept of a checkmate. The purpose of the club is to play and improve skills, and to have fun! Some group instruction is provided by our chess coach at the beginning of each session, followed by the students pairing up and playing each other. If you have any questions, please call or talk to Mr. Richard.

cross stitching
Mrs. Joanne McFarland

Cross Stitch/Knitting Studio

Tuesday | 3:30 - 4:45

Ages: Six to fourteen

Full School Year

Ms. Joanne and Ms. Rhea will offer a beginning knitting and cross stitch studio. The students will learn the basics of both knitting and cross stitch using simple patterns. Each student will complete 1-2 projects each of both cross stitch and knitting of varying levels of novice ability. If time permits, students may also have a chance to explore other fiber and needle arts such as spinning and crochet.

Mrs. Crystal Sorrow

Intermediate Cooking

Thursday | 3:35-4:20

Ages: Seven to fourteen

Fall Semester

This class will strive to teach early cooking skills leading to curiosity, confidence, and independent cooking ability. Students will participate in every aspect of creating an edible recipe during each class. Students will measure, count, pour, mix, identify ingredients, and discuss the final product. Students will begin learning how to manage time in the kitchen between preparing ingredients and cooking. Heat cooking will be used many weeks with a variety of techniques being utilized. Student will be introduced to new ingredients and dishes over the course of the semester with some classic favorites also prepared.

Mrs. Susan Long


Monday, Wednesday or Thursday | 3:30 - 5:00

Ages: Six to fourteen

Full School Year

Ms. Susie will offer a Sewing Studio on Monday, Wednesday or Thursday afternoons from 3:30-5:00 in Ms. Erin Sorel’s classroom. The children will learn many different styles of sewing, including hand sewing (embroidery), and sewing on the sewing machine. Several different projects will be made at varying levels of ability. Learning to knit and crochet will also be offered. SPACE IS LIMITED.

Mrs. Christina Eckstein

Spotlight Singers Vocal Ensemble (Jr. & Advanced Groups)

Monday | 3:30 - 4:30 & 4:10 (Jr.) - 4:40 (Advanced)

Ages: Six to eleven

Fall Semester

If your answer is YES to the following questions, then the vocal ensemble studio is for you!

 Do you love to sing?
 Can you carry a tune?
 Are you able to move to the beat of the music?
 Do you have dramatic expression?
 Do you love bringing joy to others through the performing arts?

Students will be exposed to a wide variety of musical styles and genres in vocal ensemble. We will focus on fundamentals of vocal production, singing in an ensem-ble and reading music. Members selected for the ad-vanced group will already have experience reading mu-sic, have a strong foundation in choral techniques and will be exposed to literature with multiple parts. In addi-tion to singing, some compositions will lend itself to great choreography. Most importantly, students will learn how to work as a team and develop self-confidence as they work towards a common goal.

Not only will our performances be enjoyed by MMS families, but we will share our love of music and the performing arts throughout Gainesville in several community service events.

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