Sylvia Aslanian

  • B.S., Technology/Visual Communications (completing)
  • Director of the End of Year Show
  • Director of bi-annual Shakespeare Festival
  • Director of Award Winning Spotlight Kids Performing Arts
  • Developed Technology Curriculum based on National Technology Education Standars
  • Developed Speech and Debate Curriculum based on National Middle School Public Debate Program
  • Developed Drama Curriculum based on Montessori Curriculum and National Standards
  • Former Spanish Kindergarten/1st grade teacher at MMS
  • Former assistant in 1st/2nd grade classroom at MMS
  • Kindergarten Special Needs Teacher at Nova Elementary (Ft. Lauderdale), 1993
  • Member of the Educational Theater Association
  • Member of American Alliance for Theater and Education
  • Member of Theater Communications Group
  • American Red Cross Certified
  • Affiliated with MMS since 1994