Speech, Debate and Drama are an integral part of the curriculum at Millhopper Montessori School for all first through eighth grade students. The first through fifth grade are given thirty minutes of instruction each week while the middle school students receive an hour of instruction each week. 

Speech & Public Speaking is taught to ease the students into speaking in front of a group. In first – third grades they learn delivery techniques by reading from their journals, presenting a poem or a story. The fourth and fifth graders begin to write their own speeches’ and deliver them. In sixth – eighth grades the students learn to write various speeches and deliver in various styles, by eighth grade the students deliver their speeches extemporaneously using a keyword outline and also deliver a five minute impromptu speech. Lessons of voice projection, varying voice, proper body language as well as not fidgeting and being prepared start in the first grade and continue through eighth grades.

 Debate teaches formal discussion of various opinions. The first – third graders learn to make an informed opinion by discussing the difference between gathering information before the opinion is formed and making an opinion without knowing all the facts.  Fourth – Fifth grade in opposing teams, research a simple issue, formulate an opinion, write an introduction, points with backup and a conclusion and present a debate. The middle school students spend weeks researching a current event, or environmental issue, or historical issue and present a formal debate to the first – fifth grade students every other year. This year is our Formal Debate Year. (see attached)

Drama teaches the students the creative process of acting, auditioning, script writing and presenting a show.  Every other year the students in first – fifth grades learn and recite Shakespeare using “Shakespeare Can Be Fun series” that mimics the stories in rhyme. The middle school creates a theatrical portfolio that includes: a re-written scene, cultural overview, props, characterization and costumes. Their hard work and re-written scene is presented at the Shakespeare Festival at the historic Thomas Center. In 2010 a twenty minute rendition of the Third Annual Shakespeare Festival earned an Excellent rating at the National Performing Arts Festival in Disney World. Two of the students earned Outstanding Performance medals. The judges were so impressed with the re-written scenes they were awarded a “Judges Choice” trophy for their efforts. The culmination of the Drama Unit  is an End of the Year Show presented annually at a community theater, such as PK Yonge Performing Arts Center or the Santa Fe Performing Arts Center in June.

The school offers two after school drama studios and a vocal ensemble studio, The Spotlight Kids with Junior Thespians – a competitive drama troupe for students in sixth – eighth grades and The Spotlight Kids Junior for students in third – fifth grades and The Spotlight Singers for students in first – eighth grades. During the school’s Summer Camp Enrichment, a two week drama intensive is offered for students in second – eight grades.

Visit: www.millhoppertech.com, click: Year End Shows, to view our past performances.

Visit: www.m3sroxx.com, click: Shakespeare, to view our past Shakespeare Festivals.

Visit: www.thespotlightkidsperformingarts.com, to view the after school studio information.

Teacher Appreciation Gifts
Teacher Appreciation Gifts

adventure Each year the teachers and faculty of Millhopper Montessori School work incredibly hard to help our children learn and grow in a safe and healthy environment. During Teacher Appreciation Week we like to let them know how much we value their efforts. This year’s theme is designed to honor each individual’s interests and choices. As part of our Teacher Appreciation Week activities, the PTO Appreciation Committee is pleased to once again offer the opportunity to purchase for our teachers and staff a gift certificate to a local merchant of their choice. By many families contributing to the same gift, they are able to select something special. Participation is optional and we hope the program will alleviate some of the stress of this busy time of year. If you would like to participate, please place your order on this webpage or you may review the letter that was mailed to your home and indicate the dollar amount you wish to contribute next to the individual’s name. Please total all your contributions and return the form with cash or check (made out to MMS PTO) in an envelope to Crystal Sorrow by Friday, May 13, 2016. You may leave the envelopes at the front desk or hand them to Crystal directly. Gift certificates will be presented to each recipient during Teacher Appreciation Week with a card from the families who have contributed. Dollar amounts are not included on the card. Since the PTO is now a non-profit 501(c)(3), your donation may be tax deductible. Please speak to your tax advisor regarding tax deductions. If you are interested in assisting with planning Teacher Appreciation Week or if have any questions, please feel free to contact either of us at missyno@bellsouth.net or rimskoon@yahoo.com. Have a wonderful end of the school year! Missy Norman & Sheila Koon PTO Appreciation Committee

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