Dear Spanish Students and Parents,

Now the world has become a global village. Learning a foreign language will allow you to express your ideas in several ways, and it will open new doors culturally and in the world of business. Spanish is the second most commonly spoken language in the United States; it is spoken in 21 countries around the world, with 322 million Spanish native speakers worldwide.

I am a Spanish native speaker who was born in Venezuela. While living in South America I had the opportunity to visit other Latin American countries. This gave me a good understanding of Hispanic culture. I got a degree in Architecture from Universidad del Zulia, in Venezuela. Two years ago I got my letter of Eligibility to teach Spanish. At this moment I am finishing my last requirement to get my permanent certification to teach Spanish from Kindergarten to 12th grade. I have been tutoring Spanish to children and adults for three years now. This will be my second year teaching middle school Spanish at MMS.

I am confident this will be a wonderful year. My main goal is to teach the students how to communicate in Spanish properly, and that at the end of the year they will have a better understanding and appreciation of the Hispanic culture. The students will learn grammar, vocabulary, and gain conversational Spanish skills according to their level.

I will grade the students through a letter grade system. Grades will be posted on Jupiter Grades; assignments will also be posted in advance. If you have any questions regarding the Spanish classes, please feel free to contact me. I am looking forward to working with your children,

Se despide cordialmente, (Cordially yours,)

Ms. Karina Newman

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