I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. I hear the weather is going to get better, and this Saturday should be beautiful! With that in mind, it will also be much warmer, so the kids may need really cold water bottles!

Thanks so much to everyone who got back to me about bringing snack. I was able to make a snack schedule for the rest of the season. There are 7 kids on the team.

Ella won’t be able to go to the next two games due to family obligations, but I will still send out team news. See y’all at practice! (Remember the new practice schedule: Mondays, 3:45-5+)

 Upcoming Schedule:

Week  #     Date      Time        Snack!

Week 3       4/26     10 am       Fabiana

Week 4       5/3       10 am       Mia

Week 5       5/10     11 am       DJ

Week 6       5/17     10 am       Stasi

Week 7       5/24       9 am       Leal

Week 8       5/31       9 am       Evan