Good Sunday afternoon!

Our players did another great job yesterday.  It’s so exciting to see how each individual progresses from one week to the next.  We are going to win some, and lose some, and want the kids to understand that it comes with the territory. :)  From the coaching standpoint, playing together as a team, making positive progress, staying healthy and having fun are among the biggest goals.

The coaches will continue to learn from our best experts (the kids), and look forward to regrouping after our family time-out for Miami wedding/travel adventure. :)

Many thanks to Rhea, Ana, Niya and Kendal who have volunteered to manage the team while we are out of town – the kids are in for a special treat (will coordinate separately)!

Want to make sure everyone received the schedule update from Coach Carter.  Here are the remaining games (updated times in red):

Week 4 (May 3) – 11am v. OHS 2 (Snack: May Lee)
Week 5 (May 10) – 9am v. Rock 1 (Snack: Jeremy)
Week 6 (May 17) – 10am v. QoP 1 (Snack: SoSo)

Week 7 (May 24) – 9am v. OHS 1 (Snack: Izzie)
Week 8 (May 31) – 9am v. QoP 2 (Snack: Ethan)

Please let us know if the change in times affects your ability to bring snacks, and we will make sure to adjust.

Thanks again to all,
Missy & Brent