Hi soccer families,

Great game for all of our players last week!  They’re already learning so much so quickly.  Many thanks to Eryn’s family for snacks and drinks!

We are scheduled to play this Saturday, April 26th at 11am on Field # 1 vs. Oak Hall Team # 2.  Thank you to Kelsey’s family for the upcoming snack break!

Brent and I would like to let everyone know in advance that we will be out of town for next week’s practice (Thu. May 1 @ 3:30pm) and game (Sat. May 3 @ 11am).  We would very much appreciate any volunteer coaches – esp. for the game. :)  We can likely cancel next week’s practice if we don’t have volunteers for after school, but definitely will need the game time assist.  Please feel free to stop by at practice this afternoon, let us know at this week’s game, or e-mail if you have availability and interest (even if you don’t have soccer experience, your presence with the kids will be super helpful :).

Thanks very much for your continued support!