Hi everyone,

We played a great game last week against a tough opponent (a lot of big kids!), and really did a good job holding our own.  Many thanks to SoSo’s family for bringing snacks!

This week we play at 9am, Oak Hall # 1, Field #1.  This is our 2nd to last game of the season – ready to finish strong working together as a team. :) Izzie’s family will be on snack patrol.

Next Saturday is our last game (9am).  We will have medals to distribute, and I’m working on a photo take-home.  Please take extra photos this Sat.

if you have a chance.

We’d like to plan a small get-together for the team to celebrate the end of season.  We’d love to have the team over to our house to award the medals in a comfortable, non-rushed setting – those who have time, would be welcome to stay and play on the zip line and fort; the pool is also heated and ready for swim.  Alternatively, we could stay briefly after the game at the Oak Hall playground if easiest time-wise for those who may have conflicts.  Please take a look at your schedules and let us know on Saturday what interest and availability you have for post-game fun.

We may have some siblings playing at 10am – if so, can delay medal awards until after that game ends, too.

Go Knights!

Missy & Brent