Hi everyone,

Well, the beautiful weekend has been followed by some major storm fronts.

We were hoping to see some light in the midst of the rains, but the forecasts are not on our side.

Tomorrow’s soccer practice is officially cancelled – we’ll look forward to better weather next week.

This allows a little extra time to stock up on gear – we’re going to personally check out Coach Cam’s Cleats for Feets exchange.  The weekend should be clear again and allow nice opportunity to start to brush off the dust and try out some kicks in the yard, if you haven’t started already (we haven’t :).

A few more details:  rubber cleats are recommended, but metal cleats are not allowed, and sneakers/tennis shoes are perfectly okay. Also, the shin guards must be fully covered by socks.

This year’s rules for the K-1 division have now been published (please see attached).

Hope everyone enjoys a wonderful weekend and we’ll see you next week.

Go Knights!

Missy & Brent