The boys and I had an absolutely stellar first practice today!  I am so impressed with how well they did that I wanted to send a note to let you know and also to ask you to give your child a big Thank You from me.  Here are some highlights:

  • Everyone seemed excited about taking ownership for their practices and games.  I think all of the players except for Lucas had the chance to lead a drill today.
  • Everyone had plenty of ideas for plays to write in our play book.  We ran out of time today, but I hope to discuss it with them more next week.
  • Ethan and Eduardo shared a lot of knowledge from their GSA soccer teams, which I know will help a lot as we develop our team.

In case your player would like to write out  / draw out their ideas for plays to put in our play book, I have posted an electronic copy of the play book sheets I am using.  If your player brings a play sheet to practice, I’ll add it to our book.  To access this file:

  1. Go to our team site:
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page, where you should see a link for Play Book Sheet.pdf.
  3. Either click on the link to open the file, and then click the Print button, or
  4. To the far right of the file name, click the blue Download arrow to download a copy of the file to your computer.

Sara Sartain Walters