Carol Gillis has emailed to let me know that the GSA tryouts were rained out yesterday afternoon, and have been rescheduled for Saturday morning.  Ethan will miss our first game, but should arrive in time to play in the second game.  I know that Eduardo was also planning to attend the tryouts on Thursday.  Cris, please email me to let me know if Eduardo will also have to miss the first game.

I see that the MMS 2nd-3rd grade soccer teams are scheduled to play at 9:00 am and 10:00 am, while our games are scheduled for 10:00 am and 11:00 am.  I have copied Tom Grant, one of the 2nd-3rd grade coaches, on this email.  Here’s my current plan for this Saturday, May 31:

If Ethan is the only player who will miss a game, then we have the minimum number of players we need for both games.  If Eduardo will also have to miss one of the games, then I am hoping that one or more of our 2nd-3rd grade players might be willing to play for at least some of the 10:00 am game.  Of course, Leal is always welcome to help us.  He works hard and is very focused on the game.  If he is not available, then I would also be happy to have other children from those teams help us in our game.

There is a chance that we’d need to play with only three players on the field for a while.  In the past, the coaches for the other teams have been very nice about agreeing to play a three on three game until other players arrive to help us.

See you at the soccer field!