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September 18th Cooking Class Recipe

September 18th Cooking Class

Warm Pineapple in a Brown Sugar Sauce
Whole Fresh Pineapple cut into chunks
6 TBSP Butter
½ cup Brown Sugar
½ tsp cinnamon
(recipe tripled for class)

This week:
We met in circle and discussed how pineapples grow on bushes in Florida and other tropical areas. Although most students have eaten pineapple raw it is also good grilled or in this fall inspired recipe warmed in a brown sugar sauce. The bright tartness of the pineapple fits nicely with the contrasting sweetness of the brown sugar. Since this was the first time we used heat cooking in class we discussed safety regarding heat and using a stove. In class we use a small two burner electric range top. The students were given a quarter of a pineapple each to cut into smaller chunks using their plastic serrated knives and their individual cutting boards. The pineapple was all placed in a large glass bowl. Then students helped move the butter around the saucepan as it melted, added brown sugar to the melted butter, sprinkled cinnamon into the sauce, stirred the sauce with a flat whisk, and then added in the pineapple. The pineapple was stirred, coating it in the brown sugar sauce. It was then allowing it to warm in the pan as students continued taking turns stirring. Once the pineapple was warm it was served and the students began eating.

Thank you to everyone who remembered to send in a container for leftovers. The students love bringing home part of their food to share with you, and containers with lids keep the food from spilling in the cubbies.

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