Hello Students! My name is Mr. Samora and I am your science instructor. I was born in Washington DC and raised in Durham, NC. I received a BSC in Biological Sciences from North Carolina State University. I also completed graduate courses at North Carolina Central University and Concordia University. Previously, I worked at a cardiovascular research laboratory in North Carolina Central University. We experimented with rats and mice to investigate the role of diet in hypertension. When I wasn’t in the lab, I also taught introductory science courses/labs to undergraduate students. Soon after that, I got an opportunity to teach middle and high school science in the Fujian province of China… and now I’m in Gainesville!

This year, your will learn about the Earth, Physical, and Life Science, and also apply reading skills to science texts and practice mathematical concepts. The Earth science unit includes astronomy, meteorology, and geology. We will study the weather and climate, the solar system and space, and water on Earth. The Physical science unit includes physics, chemistry, optics, materials science, and other natural sciences that study nonliving systems. Specifically, we are going to touch on: force, motion, energy, and matter. The Life science unit includes ecology, genetics, zoology, botany, and human anatomy. We’re going to look at food webs, body systems, reproduction, and adaptations.

Grading and Assignments

Your grade will be based on the following:

  • 15% Labs & Assignments
  • 30% Quizzes & Projects (Group & Individual)
  • 40% Assessments
  • 15% Participation

We will be using your student textbook quite often as a reference in class. You will be asked to read ahead before each class, and take notes on important topics as you read. This will allow us to JUMP right into a discussion or demonstration. For 4th-6th graders a reading guide will be provided. We will have a vocabulary list at the beginning of every chapter. Make sure you know the meaning of these words both for class participation and for tests. We will have quizzes and tests, but we will also be doing group and individual projects that will make learning science FUN!! All work is to be kept in your science binder and it is expected that you will keep your binder neat and organized so you can easily find items you need for assignments and studying for tests.

******Class participation points will include coming to class prepared and doing your assigned reading. If you are still having difficulty understanding an assignment or concept, come see me AHEAD of the due date for more help. I am available from 3:30 to 4:30 PM, Monday-Thursday. Also, you can email to srugumamu@millhopper.com.

Join us on

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