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Safety Patrol Procedures for All Parents 2014-2015

Dear Parents,

Welcome to a new year, filled with new adventures and new fifth-grade Safety Patrols. I am pleased to be working with these patrols as they greet you and your children each morning and escort your children safely to class. Please read over the following guidelines to help drop-off and pick-up run smoothly. Drop-off and pick-up services will begin on Monday, August 18, 2014. If you are interested in using these services please pick up a tag for your vehicle from the front office. Tag numbers change yearly so please do not use last year’s tag.

In the mornings the Pre-K/K cars will stop in the covered area, in front of the main doors, and your child will be unloaded by a fifth-grade safety patroller (identified by their belts and hats). PLEASE REMAIN IN YOUR CAR, and do not exit the vehicle to help the patrol. Elementary students will be unloaded in front of the Elementary building, unless they have a preschool sibling.

Each afternoon the cars are pulled farther down, in a line, in front of the elementary building, so that we may retrieve several students at a time and buckle them in their car seats. PLEASE REMAIN IN YOUR CAR during drive-though. The Safety Patroller will open the car door, load in your child, buckle their seatbelt, and close the car door for you. Please allow the patroller to buckle your child’s belt so they know that it has been done and that your child is safe to be in a moving vehicle. If you do not wish for the patrols to be responsible for buckling your child then please do not use the drive-through.

Remaining in your car allows us to move vehicles safely and quickly and insures that your child is listening to the patrol and following directions.

Safety Patrol is open from 8:40 am – 9:05am and from 2:40 pm – 3:05 pm. In extreme cold temperatures or due to lightning in a 3-8 mile radius Safety Patrol may close early. We try to notify you if this is the case, but can not always. The safety of our patrols is of utmost importance.

Please do not talk on your cell phone while using drive-through and be aware at all times. Small children may attempt to dart past patrols, parents may step in front of a vehicle while distracted, or other situations could arise. Please assist us in our safety procedures by being a defensive driver at all times.  

The patrols look forward to serving you this year on Patrol. Please be patient at first. We will strive to move vehicles quickly, but safety is always our first priority and the patrols will be learning many new names and new car numbers. There are always a few mistakes in the beginning of the year, and your patience is greatly appreciated.



                                                                        Crystal Sorrow/Safety Patrol Supervisor 

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