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October 2nd Cooking Class Recipe

Berries and Balls with Vanilla Cinnamon Whipped Cream

Honeydew melon
Whipping cream
Dash salt
Vanilla extract

This week:

The students were given a lesson on using a melon baller after discussing the ingredients. Students alternated removing hulls from their strawberries and making cantaloupe and honeydew melon balls. The halves of the melons were passed around the table with students taking turns making balls for their individual fruit bowls. The whipping cream was placed in two bowls. A dash of salt, cinnamon, and vanilla extract were added to each bowl and the little chefs whisked the cream. It takes many minutes of brisk whisking to produce the whipped cream. Chefs dolloped the cream onto their fresh fruit and then were invited to eat their creations.

Thank you to everyone who remembered to send in a container for leftovers. The students love bringing home part of their food to share with you, and containers with lids keep the food from spilling in the cubbies.

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