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Music Makers Camp

This week will be filled with sound and music!  The children will create their own music.  They will be able to form a band and collaborate together to write their very own song.  In addition, there will be a number of projects that will help them with this creative process, such as making their own instruments and making posters to promote their band.  The children will have the opportunity to practice within the classroom and learn to work as a group.  At the end of the week, the children will be able to perform their song as a band and may dress up as real rock stars.  Also, the children are welcome and encouraged to bring in their own instruments from home to practice throughout the week and perform Friday afternoon.

Friday is Splash Day!  The children may wear their swim suit to school or may bring their swim suit to change into.  Also, please make sure your child has a change of clothes as well as a towel.  Also please supply your child with a plastic bag, so he/she may put their wet clothes in.

Thank you,
Ms. Widline Senecharles and Ms. Kayleigh Bush

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