Dear M3S Parents,

Tomorrow is the Shakespeare Festival from 1-2:30 at the Thomas Center. Your children have worked very hard and I hope you can make it to see their performance.

Students should arrive at school at the regular time. After community meeting, we will head over to the Thomas center to set up and rehearse (Thank you, drivers!).

Things to remember:

1. Wear long jeans and sneakers. Students will change into their Shakespeare T-shirts at school.

2. Students should tie long hair back to keep it out of their faces.

3. Please bring bag lunches to eat at the Thomas Center.

4. Students do not need to bring school books and backpacks to school tomorrow. (Except Vocabulary!) 5. If parents are taking their child home directly from the Thomas Center, students need to let either Ms. Sherilyn or Ms. Susan know before they leave.

If you have any questions, please ask. I’m really looking forward to the show tomorrow. Today’s rehearsal went so well!

Ms. Susan

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