Seventh & Eighth Grade World Cultures and Geography

Tools of Geography

Unit 1 –Asia

Mapping Skills: Monsoon Asia
Mapping Skills: Southwest and Central Asia
Waiting for the Rains: The Effects of Monsoons in South Asia
Global Connection: Climate Zones Around the World
Tech Workers and Time Zones: India’s Comparative Advantage
Global Connection: Foreign- Company Jobs in the United States
China: The World’s Most Populous Country
Global Connection: Rate of Natural Increase Around the World
Population Density in Japan: Life in a Crowed Country
Global Connection: Population Density Around the World
Oil in Southwest Asia: How “Black Gold” Has Shaped the Region
Global Connection: Solar Energy Availability Around the World
Istanbul: A Primate City Throughout History
Global Connection: Primate Cities Around the World

Unit 2 – Europe

Mapping Skills: Northern Europe
Mapping Skills: Southern Europe
Mapping Skills: Eastern Europe
Supranational Cooperation in the European Union
Global Connection: Organizations of International Cooperation
Population Dilemmas in Europe
Global Connection: The Developed and Developing World
Invisible Borders: Transboundary Pollution in Europe
Global Connection: Acid Rain Around the World
New Nation-States from the Old Soviet Empire: Will They Succeed?
Global Connection: Nations Gaining Independence, 1945 – 2011

Unit 3 – Africa

Mapping Skills: Southern Africa
Mapping Skills: Northern Africa
Micro-entrepreneurs: Women’s Role in the Development of Africa
Global Connection: Micro-Credit Organizations Around the World
Nigeria: A Country of Many Cultures
Global Connection: Ethnic and Political Divisions in Africa
Resources and Power in Post-apartheid South Africa
Global Connection: HIV Infection Rates Around the World

Unit 4 – Latin America

Mapping Skills: Central America
Mapping Skills: Western South America
Mapping Skills: Eastern South America
Mapping Skills: The Caribbean Islands
Spatial Inequality in Mexico City: From Cardboard to Castles
Global Connection: Standard of Living Around the World
Indigenous Cultures: The Survival of the Maya of Mesoamerica
Global Connection: Indigenous Populations Around the World
Land Use Conflict in the Amazon Rainforest
Global Connection: Forrest Losses and Gains, 2000-2010
Life in the Central Andes: Adapting to a Mountainous Region
Global Connection: Glaciers Around the World


Mapping Skills: Oceania and Antarctica
Mapping Skills: North America
Relative and Absolute Location: What Makes Australia Unique?
Global Connection: Threatened Animal Species Around the World

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