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Hi! The middle school plans several educational and fun field trips during the school year and they would not happen without our awesome parent Chaperones and Drivers! Our first trip is to Camp McConnell in November and the class is already talking about it how great it’s going to be, which both Ms. Susan H. and I agree!!

MMS has instituted new procedures for drivers that require a few additional steps. We are now required to have background checks for all drivers of MMS students. The form is attached. It is very easy to fill out and can be turn into the front office.

Also, please make sure that an up-to-date copy of your driver’s license and insurance information is on file in the front office. The front office administrative assistants can assist you with making these copies.

Below is the new wording on the Permission Slips. I’d like to point out the new procedure that no student can ride in the front seat. This is a safety precaution and we ask all parents to follow this procedure during school trips.

The school has also added wording concerning the prohibitive use of electronic devices while operating a motor vehicle during a school field trip. We’ve all heard or read tragic news segments of texting or talking on the cell phone while driving and the school is raising awareness to keep both our students and parents safe. Ultimately, all of these criteria are to ensure the safety of MMS students.

If you would like to chaperone middle school trips this year, I encourage you to be proactive and begin the criteria process. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me.

Looking forward to our 2013-2014 M3S field trips!!!
Ms. Sherilyn

Field Trip Parent Driver and Chaperone Criteria
Parent drivers must meet the following criteria:
Complete the required background check procedures (see the front office).
• Volunteer drivers must have a valid driver’s license and automobile insurance with bodily injury coverage of at least $100,000.
• An up-to-date copy of your driver’s license and insurance information must be on-file in the front office
• If you volunteer to drive, please plan to stay with the group during the field trip unless the teachers confirm that you are not needed to chaperone as well. *It is not necessary for parents to stay after they drop students off at Camp McConnell.
• Parents acting as chaperones or drivers may not bring a younger child along.
• Siblings, friends, etc. may not attend the field trip if the parent attending is acting as a chaperone for the trip.
• Convertible vehicles, 15 passenger vans, or motor homes are not acceptable field trip vehicles.
• In the event that you will be coming along to chaperone but not drive, please ride in the car to which you are assigned. We do not allow students to switch cars to sit with friends and we ask you to model the rule.
• Please do not make unplanned stops for food or treats if you are driving on a field trip.

Rules for Safety on Field Trips
Each student and driver must be secured in an individual seat belt and wearing a seat belt at all times.

No student, regardless or height, weight or age may ride in the front seat. It does not matter if it is your own child; they may not ride in the front seat while on a class trip.
• Stay in your seat at all times while the car is moving.
• Don’t leave your seat to get out until the car has come to a complete stop.
• For everyone’s safety, do not shout; engage in horseplay or switch seats during the trip.
• Never stick your hand (or anything else) out of the car window.
• Never throw anything out of the car.
• Do not play with sharp objects, such as pens or pencils, in the car.
• Do not eat or drink in the car unless the driver gives permission.
• Every student is expected to set a good example. Do not use inappropriate language or behave inappropriately.
• All school rules, requirements and procedures are in effect during field trips.

Electronic Devices While Operating a Motor Vehicle
This policy about electronic device usage applies to any device that makes or receives phone calls, leaves messages, sends text messages, surfs the Internet, or downloads and allows for the reading of and responding to email.

Due to research that indicates that cell phone use while driving is dangerous, and may even approach the equivalent danger of driving while drunk, according to some studies, parents and/or staff members who are transporting his or her self, other parents, staff members, or students on school related trips or school related business are prohibited from using a cell phone or similar devise while driving.

We recognize that other distractions occur during driving, however curbing the use of cell phones, while driving, is one way to minimize the risk, for our students, parents and staff, of accidents. If cell phone use while driving is necessary, the school requests that you wait to stop your vehicle in a safe location so that you can safely use your cell phone or similar device.

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