5/15 Second end of year trip payment due

5/22 & 5/23 End of year trip – Packing list and itinerary attached

WHEN:   Thursday, May 22 & Friday, May 23

WE LEAVE AT: 8:45 am from MMS

WE RETURN AT: 4:30 pm to MMS

We will leave from school Thursday morning at 8:45 am and arrive at the theme park by 10:30 am.  We have duel park passes that give us entrance to Islands of Adventure The students will have to stay with a chaperone while they are in the theme park. Each student will need to bring money for lunch; $15.00 – $20.00 will be enough.  Students will have to bring additional spending money if they wish to purchase extra drinks, snacks or souvenirs.

We are staying at Floridays Resort Hotel – tel: 1-877-708-3699. We should arrive at the hotel around 6:30 pm.  We will order pizza and eat at the pool, where the students can swim and cool off after a long day at the park.  A chaperone is assigned to each 3-bedroom suite/condo.  The students are not allowed to travel about the resort without a chaperone going with them.  Breakfast will be provided.

On Friday, we will arrive at Aquatica around 9:00 am.  Since Aquatica is self-contained and has plenty of lifeguards, I allow the students to travel about without chaperone escort BUT most of the time we go from ride to ride in a group – more fun that way!  We will be at the Aquatica until 2:00 pm.  Students will have lunch vouchers, which includes unlimited food and drink throughout the day.  We should be back at school around 4:30 pm.

5/26 (Monday) Memorial Day Holiday – No School

M3S 2nd Semester Exam Dates

Tuesday 5/20 – Social Studies

Tuesday 5/27 – Spanish

Wednesday 5/28 – Science

Friday 5/30 – Language Arts

Monday 6/2 – Math

5/29 Aladdin Show Rehearsal at PKY. 

Students need to bring their lunch.  They will be picked up at MMS at normal end of day times.

6/3 8th Grade Graduation Ceremony 6pm @ Unity Church

All middle school students are involved in the ceremony, thus everyone’s attendance is important.  Students need to arrive at school at 5:30 pm.  Graduation pictures will be taken at 5:30 pm.

The dress code is formal.  Boys must be in ties and dress pants and ladies must be in an appropriate dress or pants and shirts and shoes.

6/4 Blue Springs Trip *Permission Slip Attached: End of Year Permission Slip

WHERE: High Spring, FL

WE LEAVE AT: 9:00 am

WE RETURN AT: 2:30 pm

The park entrance fee is $8.00.  Students need to bring a bag lunch that day.  Student may bring extra for additional snacks, drinks, are inner-tube rental ($5.00).  Students will be returned to MMS for dismissal. Bathing suits must meet dress code.  For girls, tankinis or one piece swim suit.

6/5 Last Day – Full Day *Permission Slip Attached: End of Year Permission Slip

The M3S class is walking to Wendy’s for lunch.  Student’s need to bring lunch money.

Students – Bring your yearbooks to sign.

Join us on

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