Stand Up for Yourself PSAThe Drama Club is creating an Anti-Bullying Public Service Announcement video built around the Homeroom play song, Stand Up For Yourself.  The class had very a good discussion on Wednesday about forms of bullying and ways people can stand up for themselves if they are in bullying situations.  Thank you to Ben and Hunter for leading the discussion.We watched several great student-produced anti-bullying videos that I wanted to share with everyone. “Who Do You Think U R?”


“Stand Up, Stand Strong”


“I Choose”


Food of the Mighty Canned Good Donations

We’re working on an art project for the Bread of the Mighty Empty Bowls fundraiser event and we had a discussion today about the differences between being hungry and hunger.  We talked about the increasing number of people and families in America who need assistance with food.  We also talked about the difficulty of eating healthy foods on a food stamp budget of $21.00 per person a week.


We watched to a student-made video as part of the discussion The Face of Hunger.


The class has decided to bring in canned and boxed goods to donate to the Bread of the Mighty.  Donations can be brought in by Tuesday 4/23.


If you are interested in attending the Empty Bowls fundraising event, click here for additional information. I’ll post some of the class’ artwork on MMS Facebook.


I hope that both of these topics and the video links will open family discussions about anti-bullying and ways that we can help those who are hungry in our community.

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