M3S 2nd Semester Exam Dates5/20 Math

5/21 Science

5/28 Social Studies

5/29 Spanish

5/31 Language Arts


5/22 8th Grade Graduation Ceremony 6pm @ Unity Church

All middle school students are involved in the ceremony, thus everyone’s attendance is important.  Students need to arrive at school at 5:30 pm.  The dress code is formal.  Boys must be in ties and dress pants and ladies must be in an appropriate dress or pants and shirts and shoes.


Graduation pictures will be taken at 5:30 pm.  The order form has been sent home with all of the 8th grade students and needs to be returned by 5/22.


Graduation Soiree hosted by the Petty’s

Wow, the food sign up list for the graduation party looks delicious!! Thank you so much.

If you still need to sign up to bring something, here is the link



Here is the Petty’s address.  Click here for mapquest directions

6409 NW 45th Pl

Gainesville, Fl 32653

Windsor Glen Subdivision


Gate code – #8621.


Ms. Trish wants you to know the entrance is 62nd off of 53rd.  You can’t get to Winsor Glen off of 39th Ave.

5/23-24 M3S End of Year Trip

Packing list on JupiterGrades in Public Files


WHEN:   Thursday, May 23 & Friday, May 24

WE LEAVE AT: 8:45 am (5/23) from MMS

WE RETURN AT: 4:30 pm (5/24) to MMS


Thank you to our chaperones – Jessica & Ernest Milian, Ana Hanley, Steve Palmer, Trish Petty, Barbara Black, Coach Cam & Ms. Susan H.


We will leave from school Thursday morning at 8:45 am and arrive at the theme park by 10:30 am.  We have duel park passes that give us entrance to Islands of Adventure The students will have to stay with a chaperone while they are in the theme park. Each student will need to bring money for lunch; $15.00 – $20.00 will be enough.  Students will have to bring additional spending money if they wish to purchase extra drinks, snacks or souvenirs.


We are staying at Floridays Resort Hotel – tel: 1-877-708-3699. We should arrive at the hotel around 6:30 pm.  We will order pizza and eat at the pool, where the students can swim and cool off after a long day at the park.  A chaperone is assigned to each 3-bedroom suite/condo.  The students are not allowed to travel about the resort without a chaperone going with them.  Breakfast will be provided.


On Friday, we will arrive at Aquatica around 9:00 am.  Since Aquatica is self-contained and has plenty of lifeguards, I allow the students to travel about without chaperone escort BUT most of the time we go from ride to ride in a group – more fun that way!  We will be at the Aquatica until 2:00 pm.  Students will have lunch vouchers, which includes unlimited food and drink throughout the day.  We should be back at school around 4:30 pm.

5/24 End of Year Show Parent Messages and Ads Due

5/27 Memorial Day: No School

5/30 Olivia, Jr. Rehearsal @ PK Yonge

The 1st-8th grade will go to PKY on Thursday 5/30 for Olivia rehearsal.  Students need to bring a lunch.  All students will be returned to MMS for parent pickup.  


5/31 Olivia, Jr. Performance @ PK Yonge

The show will begin at 5:30 pm but students need to arrive earlier for costumes, hair & makeup.  Additional information will be sent home soon.


6/3 Blue Springs Trip

WHERE: High Spring, Fl

WE LEAVE AT: 9:00 am

WE RETURN AT: 2:30 pm

The park entrance fee is $8.00.  Students need to bring a bag lunch that day.  Student may bring extra for additional snacks, drinks, are inner-tube rental ($5.00).  Students will be returned to MMS for dismissal. Bathing suits must meet dress code.  For girls, tankinis or one piece swim suit.


6/4 Last Day of School – Full Day Schedule

The M3S class is walking to Wendy’s for lunch.  Student’s need to bring lunch money.

Join us on

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