Mar 31 Mon
TBA Poetry Slam (LOOK!)
Mar 31 – Thursday all-day

From Jennifer
The purpose of this event would be for students and staff to have a chance to share poetry or other works they have created. It could be tied in with this year’s literary magazine, or perhaps as an E/M-wide activity during Student Showcase.

This week is right after Spring Break, also the week before the Spring Book Fair, so it’s a good lead-in for that.

Apr 4 Fri
End 3rd Qt
Apr 4 all-day
Student Holiday/Teacher Workday
Apr 4 all-day
Apr 7 Mon
Book Fair
Apr 7 – Friday all-day
M3S Prez Fitness Testing
Apr 7 all-day
Apr 9 Wed
M3S Prez Fitness Testing
Apr 9 all-day
Apr 12 Sat
Justin B-day
Apr 12 all-day
Apr 14 Mon
Apr 14 – Friday all-day
Lexi B-day
Apr 14 all-day
Apr 16 Wed
Becca B-day
Apr 16 all-day