We are excited to announce we will have a featured speaker coming to Millhopper Montessori School on Thursday, August 8th and Thursday, August 15th!

Nathan Levy (the author of Stories with Holes, Whose Clues?, and Nathan Levy’s 100 Intriguing Questions) is a gifted educator. In his thirty five years as a teacher and principal, Nathan worked directly with children, teachers and parents. He has developed unique teaching strategies that encourage the love of learning. Mr. Levy has mentored more than thirty current principals and superintendents, as well as helped to train thousands of teachers and parents in better ways to help children learn. For the past thirty years Nathan’s workshops have been among the most popular at state and national education conferences. When hired to conduct school based and district workshops Mr. Levy’s ideas have helped raise pupil achievement and bring back enthusiasm to the educational staff. A wide variety of topics and material are available for school districts, parent and business groups from Nathan Levy Books LLC Nathan has done workshops in the areas of Literacy, Social Studies, Math, Critical Thinking, Gifted, Special Education, and Classroom Management. All presentations are informative, thought provoking, highly interactive and fun.

Join us on

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