Dear Parents,

Our class Thanksgiving Feast will be on Friday November 22 at lunch time (12:00). The children have all thought of menu items that they would like to contribute to the feast and share with their class. Please send your child’s contribution in on Friday morning as there will be class feasts throughout the week and refrigerator space is limited. Below is the list of items the children have selected. Also, I will put a sign-up sheet on the door for other needs you may be willing to contribute to.

If your recipe calls for dairy products like butter, cheese, or milk please indicate such on the dish so that we do not accidently serve it to vegan children. Also, if your child is limited in his or her diet because of allergies or other diet restrictions please supplement their lunch with food from home in a lunch box.

Norah- strawberries

Isabella K- “Chips” AKA puffed rice

Emily- cantaloupe

Bella- choose with Mom and Dad

Hailey- cranberries

Harrison- Pumpkin pie

Prince- cheese

Kadar- fruit salad

Taylor- edamame

Izzie – corn

Janu- raw carrots

Lily- bananas

Beckett- Chicken legs

Camden- quesadilla

Rahman- cooked carrots

Lucas- bread (dinner rolls)

Ethan- cheese pizza

I will put a sign-up sheet on the classroom door for other needs such as volunteers, turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, plates, dinnerware, juice and napkins.

Thank you,
Ms. Renee

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