Parent Night and Valentine’s Day

Please note that there is an error on the February calendar regarding parent night. February 13 is on Thursday evening, not Tuesday. This will be our second annual “Parent Night”. The evening is to provide an opportunity for the children to show you lessons that they are doing in school each day. Please keep in mind that the children really want to share with you what they do during the day and give them your full attention during the evening. It is for current students in this classroom and their parents. Arrangements for care should be made for siblings so that you can focus on your child from this class for the 40 minutes that you are here.

Children with last names beginning A-K will have their turn from 4:30-5:10 and children with last names beginning L-Z will have their turn from 5:15-6:00. Please let me know if you need to switch time slots so I can work to avoid overcrowding.

We will celebrate Valentine’s Day on the 14th this month with cards and a special holiday treat in the afternoon. Please see the sign-up sheet on the classroom door if you’d like to contribute to the celebration. The children can bring in valentines for their classmates but the cards should only be marked with who the card is from to avoid confusion and streamline the delivery process. Each student will be decorating a bag next week to receive their Valentines in on Valentine’s Day.

Ms. Renee

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