Ms. Martha and Ms. Christina’s Class
April 11, 2013

Patio Garden Project

Don’t miss being a part of our class planning day Friday, April 12th at 3:10 p.m. to come up with ideas of how to transform our patio into a beautiful, inviting place for our children to enjoy. This area will not only be an inviting place to eat but also an interesting area to expand on nature and to enjoy outdoor lessons and activities. Mrs. Green, Davis’ Mom will be bringing some drawings and ideas that we can look at and will help us select plants that will work well for our shaded area. She and her husband own their own Nursery and are providing their time and efforts to head up the project.
The children and I have already cleaned up most of the area. All that is left is to help pick out and plan what theme would be inviting for our children. After the plans are made, we will have a planned time to put it all together with all the children having a part of creating their “Patio Garden”. We can even let the children help name the theme for our Patio. What Fun! We will keep the meeting as short as possible. Thank you in advance to all volunteers planning to take some time out of your Friday afternoon to enjoy being a part of our “Class Project”.

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