March 7, 2014

Dear Parents,

This week our class has been learning about St. Patrick’s Day celebrations and myths about Leprechauns. We have been push pinning pots of gold and painting rainbows leading to them. We also had fun painting shamrocks by using a bell pepper as a stamp!

This week has been a special one for all of us because we have had the pleasure of having Becca Bernal, an intern from Ms. Sherilyn’s class help our class. Becca has done a wonderful job helping our class with art projects, circle time reading and all of our day-to-day activities. We have all grown to love and appreciate her kindness and help this week and we will miss her so much.

Next week, we will be discussing things that sink and things that float. We are excited about our upcoming sink or float experiment we will be doing during show & tell this coming Friday, March 14th.  Please remember to bring an item to experiment with.

Monday, March 17th is our St. Patrick’s Day class party. We will be making shamrock floats and shamrock peppers for snack! For the remainder of the month, we will be learning about Australia. We will be creating koala and kangaroo art and learning about Australian animals and culture.

Join us on

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