Dear Parents,

During our April unit study we will be learning the parts of the flower. The children will be making books and naming all the parts of the flower. In science, we will be observing different types of seeds. Our continent study will include Asia. Our Author of the month is Eric Carle and his book “The Tiny Seed”. Our artist of the month is Claude Monet. We will be viewing Monet’s painting, “The Woman in the Garden.” The children will enjoy many wonderful activities during this Spring Introduction.

I would like to invite parents and children to join us on Earth Day, April 22nd as a day to beautify our patio where our children enjoy their lunches and parties. Davis Green’s parents will be the head of our activity as they own a flower nursery and will be able to help us with flower type and arrangement ideas. Parents who would like to participate and help out will need to meet Friday April 12th at 3:15 p.m. to help with the planning.

There will be a sign up sheet outside the door after the meeting on the 12th. Please check off how you will be able to participate. This will be a lot of fun for the children and a great way for parents to participate with their children.

We had a wonderful time studying our “Ocean Unit”. Your children learned so many things about the ocean, ocean animals, and shells. They will experiment with things that sink and float on Friday for “Show & Tell”.

Join us on