This month our students have been push-pinning bunnies, baskets, colorful eggs and baby chicks to make spring pictures. We also enjoyed planting bean and carrot seeds and watching them sprout! Our show & tell last week was seeds; we were excited to see everyone’s special seeds and talk about what kind of plants they turn into.

This Friday, April 18th is our class Spring Celebration & Egg Hunt. If you have volunteered to provide eggs for hunting or food for our Spring Celebration snack, please send them in by Thursday, April 17th.  We are providing baskets for our egg hunt.

Very Important! All students should be in class by 9:00 am on Friday, April 18th for spring pictures followed promptly by our class egg hunt. Also, if you have volunteered to help hide eggs for the hunt, please also be here by 9:00 am.

Join us on

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