Thank you for helping make this week so special!  We all enjoyed spending Monday in our pajamas.  Our food collection for Bread of the Mighty is off to a great start.  We have refined our class Cheer with the enthusiasm of many voices and ideas!

Each day will bring a new and unique opportunity to participate.  Tomorrow is Sports Day – come dressed in your favorite gear or sports apparel!

Please consider bringing canned or dry food each morning to help us provide for those in need.  It can be a favorite food, or a least favorite, or a family selection – to make it interesting.  Maybe what a Gator would eat before a big game?  Any and all are welcome and very much appreciated.

We will count the items and add to our progress chart at the beginning of every day to track the items we gather.  It is truly amazing to see how much we can accomplish together.  Next week the 2nd graders will deliver the fruits of our efforts – it is a special tradition that we are proud to continue.

Thanks again for making this week festive and memorable!

Anita Bender with class helper, Missy Norman

Join us on

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