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October 11th Classroom News

Dear Parents,

I hope you and all of your families got through the storm safely!  I wanted to remind you that this week is also a short week because of UF Homecoming on Friday.  Therefore, homework will be due on Thursday this week.

Also, I wanted to remind everyone of Parent Night this Thursday evening.  Our 4:30 – 5:15 time block is full, so if you still haven’t signed up, we hope you are able to join us from 5:15 – 6:00!  Ms. Susie and I will be circulating throughout Parent Night to answer questions and assist, but we try to keep the focus on your children showing off their work and accomplishments.  If you would like to speak with me regarding your child’s progress, please email me to schedule a conference.

This week we will be preparing and planting our fall garden.  Our students are interested in planting a variety of herbs and vegetable crops, as well as flowers.  If you would like to donate seasonal plants for our garden, feel free to send them in with your child.

In addition, we will be posting a sign-up sheet if anyone would like to send in a special fruit or vegetable for our daily snack.  Options that work well include grapes, apple slides, strawberries, tangerines, and baby carrots.  Thanks in advance to those who may wish to provide these items!

Enjoy your week and this beautiful weather!


Ms. Erin

Classroom Update

Dear 1st & 2nd Grade Families,

Ms. Susie and I want to send a HUGE thank-you to all of our families for your overwhelming support of our canned food drive last week!  As I’m sure you’ve heard, we won the Golden Can with an unbelievable total of 1,353 cans and boxes collected!   Even more importantly, our donations will go to help hundreds of people in need in our community.  It is so important to demonstrate to children the importance of helping others, and we feel so proud of our children’s efforts!

Last week we continued our study of the earth, its layers, and scientists’ theories of how it all formed.  We have learned about the theory of plate tectonics and how different movements of the earth’s plates created mountains.  Using graham cracker “crust” and shaving cream “mantle”, students helped make models of different types of mountains including folded, up warped, volcanic, and fault-block mountains.
If your child is looking for a topic to research at home, good topics to help them solidify and extend their knowledge include: types of rocks, volcanoes, earthquakes, mountains and other land forms, elements, and more!

Finally, please save the date for our Parent Night on October 13th from 4:30 – 6:00.  In October we will post a sign-up sheet for either the 4:30 – 5:15 or 5:15 – 6:00 time block.  This will be an opportunity for your child to show you some of the exciting work they have been doing in class!

As always, please email me at any time with questions or concerns.  Have a wonderful week!


Ms. Erin Sorel & Ms. Susie Long

Ms. Erin Sorel’s August 22, 2016 Classroom Update

Dear 1st and 2nd Families,

Happy Monday!  The students have learned so much already in regards to their new class procedures and routines.  They enjoyed getting to know each other by presenting their brown bags last week, and we finished up those presentations today.  They will have some more “firsts” this week, including their first homework packet, their first Technology class, and their first week of Reading Groups.  Here are some notes to keep in mind as we head into our second week of school:

–  Please make sure your child is returning his/her folder on a daily basis.  When the folder comes home, please remove all of the notices and checked work to keep at home, and send the folder back empty.  It may be helpful to designate a special place at home where your child will keep their folder, in order to help them keep track of it and remember to bring it back every morning.

– Homework was sent home for the first time today!  Please encourage your child to complete their homework assignments as independently as possible.  They should place their homework in their folder on Thursday night, to be turned in Friday morning.

– If your child would like to sew a place mat, please send in your $10 donation as soon as possible.  Ms. Susie is beginning to help the children sew their place mats this week.

– In the morning, please say your good-byes at the door and encourage your child to enter the classroom on his or her own.  This helps foster independence, sets a calm tone for the day, and allows children who are already in the classroom working to concentrate.

– The children were excited to attend their reading groups for the first time today!  Please make sure they are reading at home as part of their homework.  First graders should be reading at least 20 minutes daily, and 2nd graders should be reading at least 25 minutes.  Be sure to have them record their minutes on the reading calendar sent home by Ms. Elaine.

As always, please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.  Wishing you a peaceful week.


Ms. Erin and Ms. Susie




Ms. Erin Sorel
Lead Teacher

Ms. Erin Sorel

Ms. Susie Long

Ms. Susie Long