Dear Parents,

Where did this week go?  This week we traveled to the “Jungle”!

The children enjoyed a week full of animal activities as well as having their first Splash Day of Summer Camp!  

Here are a few activities we enjoyed this week:

The children were fascinated and loved learning about the many different kinds of animals that live in the jungle.

For “Kitchen Science” we honored monkeys by making Monkey BreadYou can find the recipe attached (for the children we left out the walnuts).  They LOVED IT!  

Music, Movement and Art Activities: 

This week during music time we sang “Fireflies”, “How Much is that Doggie in the Window”, “Fruity Frambaloozie” and did the “Bean Bag Bop” (using bean bags as part of the activity).  For movement we did “Going on a Bear Hunt” (words/activity attached).

Art and craft activities included making animal masks;  “elephants of a different color” by using Q-tip painting; constructing 3-D animals, scratch art snakes and safari animals and making rain sticks (this activity will continue into next week as some of the children have not yet finished).   

Needless to say, the children loved Splash Day on Friday!! 

We had a great week and next week we will be having an awesome time during “Pirate” Week (an all-time favorite of the children!!).  

Please check for photographs on the schools Facebook Account – Millhopper Montessori School!  

Have a nice weekend and we will see you on Monday!   


Ms. Elizabeth and Ms. Jessica

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