Dear Parents,

Welcome to “Island Explorer”!  We have had a great time this week!  The children really seem to be enjoying their time together!  It is nice to have children from all different classrooms together!  The older children have been showing the younger children new work and the younger children are having fun being in an older and different classroom!  We have enjoyed working with all the children and we are looking forward to being together for the next five weeks!

Here are a few of the activities we enjoyed this week including making new friends! 

Geography and Science: 

We have been learning about what makes up an island and where some of the most famous islands are located in the world.  In particular the children have enjoyed learning about the sea life in the ocean surrounding the islands.

To end our great week, the children are looking forward to the eruption of our classroom “Island Volcano”!  

Music and Movement:

The children had fun making musical instruments out of plastic eggs, beans and paint as well as using paper towel and toilet paper tubes!

We have been singing many songs this week including: “Five Frogs Jumping on a Log”;  “Alligator Stomp”, “There Once was a Puffin”, “Starbright” and “One Small Voice”; and the all-time favorite famous story/song “Puff the Magic Dragon”.  

For movement, the children were thrilled to do “Coconut Bowling” (using real coconuts and water bottles) and “Tropical Potato Sack” races!  It was so much fun to watch the children have a wonderful time with these activities!  

Additional Activities including Art/Crafts this week included: 

Story time, push-pinning sea creatures, making ocean necklaces, “surfboard” sponge painting and decorating, beach/ocean themed “snow globes” and a “necktie” card (special gifts for Father’s Day, as well as  painting on an easel painting, playing “mystery bag” with sea life and learning and working on traditional Montessori classroom activities such as Practical Life, Sensorial, Math and Language activities.  

Check out our photos on the Millhopper Montessori Facebook Webpage and Have a Nice Weekend!  Next week our theme is “Jungle Adventure”!!  


Ms. Elizabeth Falls and Ms. Jessica Pytko

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