Welcome to Kindergarten Technology!

My name is Sylvia Aslanian and I am part of the Technology Team.  I hold a Certificate in Multimedia/Visual Communications from the University of Phoenix and I am currently working on a BS in Information Technology/Multimedia and Visual Communication.

The Kindergarten Technology curriculum is based on International Technology Education Standards, incorporating projects and lessons from their Science, Math, Literature, Geography and History curriculums.  Classes begin with a thirty minute group style instruction, before the skills are applied individually on the laptops.  As they progress, more individual work time is given on the laptops. All of the lessons are located on the website:  www.millhoppertech.com.  I encourage the students to practice skills at home to be more successful in class.

The Millhopper Montessori School Responsible Use Policy must be signed by parents and students before a student is able to use the computers. Students will receive a log in name and password to log into the computers.

The Lessons build upon each other and the class moves on to the next lesson when they are comfortable and ready. Some lessons are not listed but they are added throughout the year in collaboration with lessons taught in other classes. Example: Science, Geography, History, Reading and Math. 

Kindergarten Technology Education 

Class Outline

  • Computer Basics (identify computer parts and vocabulary, mouse control, finding and opening applications, parts of the keyboard, etc.)
  • Basic Internet skills (opening web browsers, typing URL address and locating websites, using back/forward buttons, etc.)
  • Using math & reading applications
  • Developing skills to maneuver in websites and other virtual environments
  • Basic internet safety skills 


  • Students will be able to show the following skills:
  • Demonstrate basic mouse and keyboard skills
  • Demonstrate some knowledge of the basic components of the computer
  • Demonstrate independent use of computers and navigational skills

August/September/October Lessons

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