Saying goodbye to your child can be extremely difficult, especially when your child is upset, but by following these tips you will ensure your child feels safe and secure while at school!

Be positive about your child’s new environment when talking in the mornings.  Do not follow your child down a path of worries. Lead your child to positive expectations.

Read the class schedule and calendar so you can discuss with your child what to expect for that day. “Today you have music! That is going to be fun.  I wonder what you will sing.”

Say goodbye ONE time. Say goodbye quickly. Tell your child when you will see him/her next, and then leave. Do not come back if your child becomes upset!

Do not let your child see you upset or flustered about the new school or class. Your child will pick up on your emotions and be worried also.

Try not to cry in front of your child. This upsets children greatly. You are your child’s barometer. They can not intellectually comprehend why you are upset, and emotionally it scares them.

Be Punctual!!! When your child comes in late to class, and everyone else is already busy, it makes it harder to say goodbye.  Thank you for helping your child adjust to the
classroom. We know it can be heart wrenching and appreciate your efforts.