August 29, 2014 Classroom Update | Ms. Crystal Sorrow

Millhopper Montessori School

Dear Families, It has been a lovely week as students continue to adjust to expectations and schedules.  On Monday the students enjoyed painting with water colors, and the stick ponies were on the playground for extra fun. Tuesdays and Thursdays bring us Spanish with Senora Maria and Wednesdays the students have music with Ms. Wendi. … Read more »

Visitors Wanted | Ms. Crystal Sorrow’s Class

Millhopper Montessori School

I would love to have several family members visit and some pets visit during our Families and Pets unit study in September. Family visits need only be about 10 minutes in which the family member would introduce themselves, say where they live, and talk a little about their role in the family (I love being… Read more »

August 22, 2014 Classroom Update | Ms. Crystal Sorrow

Millhopper Montessori School

Dear Families, What a wonderful second week it has been. Everyone has been doing a terrific job transitioning into class in the mornings and saying goodbye. The students are becoming more comfortable with the daily routines and began having Spanish and music this week. Here are some behaviors that were focused on this week: Using… Read more »

Beginner’s Class Parent Orientation Evening | Ms. Crystal Sorrow’s Class

Millhopper Montessori School

Important News Beginner’s Class Parent Orientation Evening Thursday, August 21, 2014 6:30 pm – 7:30 pm Parent Orientation Evening is a time for parents to come and learn about the classroom. I will be explaining areas of the classroom, touching on the scope and sequence of the materials, discussing the unit studies for the year,… Read more »

First Day of School from the Little House

Millhopper Montessori School

Today, the first day of school, was actually very smooth. I know it may not have felt that way this morning when you dropped your child off in the class. There were only a few tears over the course of the day and most children did very well coming in and saying goodbye. I spoke… Read more »

Welcome Letter from Ms. Crystal Sorrow

Millhopper Montessori School

Dear Family, I would like to welcome you to my class for the 2014- 2015 school year. This letter is to address some beginning of the year details and to also invite you to visit the class. Please see the schedule for your allotted date and time. This is a time for your child to… Read more »

Art Adventures Little House | Summer Camp Week 3 Update

Millhopper Montessori School

This week will be filled with hands on art exploration through a variety of mediums. Some projects will be temporary, such as water painting on the concrete and shaving cream pictures. Some projects, such as colored bottles will be able to be carried home by the students. Dress as an artist or wear a shirt… Read more »

Week 2 Summer Camp Update | Ms. Crystal Sorrow’s Class

Millhopper Montessori School

Welcome back for week two of Summer Camp! This week’s theme is Fantasy Fun. There are dress up clothes, a castle with figures, special works, and themed art projects. Wednesday is dress-up day for students in the Little House. Dress as any fantasy character such as a fairy, dragon, princess, king, or super hero. Friday… Read more »

Fairy Tales

Summer Camp in the Little House (ages 2 – 4)

Millhopper Montessori School

Dear Families, I am so excited you will be attending summer camp here at Millhopper Montessori School! We are going to have a wonderful time. I have taught in the “Little House” since 2001 and summer camp is always a fun adventure. There are many exciting activities, works, and crafts planned. We will be enjoying… Read more »

May 15, 2014 Classroom Update | Ms. Crystal Sorrow’s Class

Millhopper Montessori School

Spirit Week is next week Please Dress Up Every Day!!!! Monday- Crazy Hat Day Wear your zaniest hat — homemade creations welcome Tuesday- –Gator Day Orange and Blue, Let’s Go Gators! Wednesday- Pajama Day Wear your pajamas, slippers, and bring your cuddly stuffed animal for a pajama party Thursday- Pirate Day Wear your piratical best… Read more »

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