8:45 am -9:00 am
Students Arrive at Class
Work Cycle Begins
(Ms. Crystal manages the Safety Patrol Morning drop-off during
this time and will arrive to class at approx. 9:10 am)

9:45 am
Work Cycle Continues
Children are sent to the bathroom or changed

10:00 am
Line Time Begins
Snack is Served
Songs, Calendar, and Group Lessons Presented

10:30 am
Children Go to Playground
Mats are Placed for Nap
Line is arranged for Spanish two days of the week (TBA)

11:45 am
Students Wash for Lunch
Students Begin Eating Lunch
Half-Day Students Depart for home
(all half-day students must be picked up by noon)

12:15 pm-12:30 pm
As Students Finish Eating They Enter the Classroom for Nap
Toilet Trained Students are sent to the Bathroom
Nap Begins

2:10 pm
Students Awake from Nap
Students are Changed or Sent to the Bathroom
Students Prepare to go Home

2:30 pm
Students Proceed to Pick-Up Area at Patio of Main Building
Students have two Spanish times per week, one music time with our music teacher per week, and a media time in the school library every other week. These times will be scheduled in August.