A Marvelous First Week!

Millhopper Montessori School

Dear Parents, What a marvelous first week of school it has been. I know that leaving your child in the beginning can be a very upsetting and trying time. I am very proud of how all the students and parents have been saying goodbye. The positive attitudes are so encouraging. The students have been adjusting… Read more »

First Day of School!

Millhopper Montessori School

Little House Parents Today, the first day of school, was actually very smooth. I know it may not have felt that way this morning when you dropped your child off in the class. There were only a few tears over the course of the day and most children did very well coming in and saying… Read more »

Ms. Crystal Sorrow’s 2013-2014 Class Information

Millhopper Montessori School

Dear Family, I would like to welcome you to my class for the 2013-2014 school year. This letter is to address some beginning of the year details and to also invite you to visit the class. Please see the schedule for your allotted date and time. This is a time for your child to meet… Read more »

Imagine That! Fairy Tales, Fantastical Beasts, and Super Heroes

Millhopper Montessori School

Imagine That! Fairy Tales, Fantastical Beasts, and Super Heroes -         We have new students in camp this week! Welcome to all of our new families. We are excited to have you enrolled. Thank you for saying a quick goodbye this morning. Returning after you have said goodbye can cause additional anguish. We appreciate you establishing… Read more »

crystal week 3

Summer Camp Letter

Millhopper Montessori School

Dear Families, I am so excited you will be attending summer camp here at Millhopper Montessori School! We are going to have a wonderful time. I have taught in the “Little House” since 2001 and summer camp is always a fun adventure. There are many exciting activities, works, and crafts planned. We will be enjoying… Read more »

Report Card Conferences


You may now sign up outside the classroom for end of the year conferences. Conferences will he held Wednesday, May 1, 2013 through Monday, May 6, 2013. This will be a time to discuss your child’s progress over the course of this year and the plans for next academic year. Conferences are optional, but are… Read more »

Musical Instruments

Dear Parents, This week in the Little House we began learning about musical instruments. There is a selection of percussion instruments from different continents available for daily playing, and there will be instruments presented throughout the month as individuals share with the class. We will be discussing the classifications of woodwind, brass, string, and percussion… Read more »

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