I would love to have several family members visit and some pets visit during our Families and Pets unit study in September.

Family visits need only be about 10 minutes in which the family member would introduce themselves, say where they live, and talk a little about their role in the family (I love being a grandma because…)

I would also like to have some pets visit the classroom. Visits would also need to be short. All day visits would not be possible unless the animal was a cage dwelling animal. I’d like the pet to be one that could be shown to the students and possibly petted or gently touched, with supervision. Please let me know, so I can schedule a date, if you have a pet that can be brought in.  Farm pets could also visit the back field for our students to be able to see if anyone has a calf, goat, sheep, small horse, or other exciting pet.

Feel free to email me with any thoughts, concerns, or availability.


Ms. Crystal