Dear Families,

What a wonderful second week it has been. Everyone has been doing a terrific job transitioning into class in the mornings and saying goodbye. The students are becoming more comfortable with the daily routines and began having Spanish and music this week. Here are some behaviors that were focused on this week:

  1. Using gentle hands with the works and with friends
  2. Putting work away when done with it
  3. Washing hands after going to the bathroom, using a tissue, or putting fingers in mouths
  4. Using words when frustrated or sad
  5. Sitting with  legs crossed during line time activities
  6. Pushing chairs in when standing up from a table
  7. Sitting on bottoms and chewing carefully while eating

You can help at home by also encouraging these behaviors. I am very proud of the progress the students are making thus far.  Thank you to the parents who came for the orientation evening on Thursday. I appreciate you coming to hear more about the class.

Have a wonderful weekend,

Ms. Crystal Sorrow