Today, the first day of school, was actually very smooth. I know it may not have felt that way this morning when you dropped your child off in the class. There were only a few tears over the course of the day and most children did very well coming in and saying goodbye. I spoke to each child about how proud I was of him/her, and introduced the new students to our class leaders, the veteran students.

First this morning the students explored new work they chose from the shelves. I helped select work for students who were puzzled by the process. Students learned to put away the work and tried to choose again. Students were changed or went to the bathroom as work cycle progressed. Then we had circle time which started with snack. Students put the day of the week and weather on the calendar and counted out the date. We sang songs about the days of the week, counting to ten in Spanish, brushing our teeth, and starting school. After line time it was time for the playground. Students took turns swinging and driving the train. Some enjoyed the sandbox and some stood, observing and adjusting.  After playground we returned to circle and had story time. Then it was time for our full-day friends to wash up for lunch and time for our half-day friends to go home.

Please feel free to call during the day if you are worried or have questions. If I am not able to take your call immediately I will return calls during naptime. I want you and your child to grow more comfortable with the routine and the classroom so please don’t hesitate to call and ask any questions you might have. There will be day photos on Facebook as the week progresses on the MMS page.

You and your child did great today! We look forward to a week filled with small steps of progress. Be aware that day three or four may be harder than day one as your child realizes he/she will be attending daily. This is normal. Thanks for all your hard work.

saying goodbye,

Ms. Crystal