• On Monday we mulched the garden using a bucket line. Photos are on facebook if you haven’t seen them yet. I had discussed with the students how mulch aids in water retention and prevents erosion in the garden
  • Spring picture day is this upcoming Friday, March 21st.  There will be individual pictures taken, but not a class photo.
  • In honor of St. Patrick’s Day we have been talking about the Irish trickster, the leprechaun. It is an old MMS tradition that on St. Patrick’s Day the leprechaun comes to visit. We go on a search each year for the tricky leprechaun in an attempt to spot him and his pot of gold. Each year we are unsuccessful, even though we search in trees, bushes, classrooms, and other possible locales. When we return to the classroom the leprechaun has visited the classroom leaving behind green streamers, footprints, a note, and has also disrupted our classroom. The students clean the class, picking up all the leprechaun’s left behind treasures. It is a day of fun and excitement. For days anytime something is out of place the students attribute it to the tricky leprechaun. We also listen to Irish and Celtic music throughout the morning. This will happen on Monday, March 17th.
  • On Tuesday, March 18th there will be a dental presentation our class will be attending.  I will be on a fieldtrip Tuesday morning with the fifth grade safety patrols, but then I will be back for the rest of the day.
  • Invitations went home this week for our Spring Parent Appreciation Picnic. The picnic is on Thursday, April 10, 2014 from 11:30 am -12:30 pm and is a very special event. All family members are invited to come enjoy a picnic lunch on blankets on the playground and to view the garden. This is one of our most precious annual Little House activities. Please make plans to attend.

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